Boys’ Basketball Season Highlights


Top Row: Coach Erin Mangan, Cayden Farr, Max Snyder, Anthony Passierello, Tyler Scotch and Anthony Demkowich Middle Row: Kevin Werner, Rbert Sessions, Joe Perri, Matt McConologue, Gavin McGraw Bottom Row: Cameron Cole, Joe Hanley, Brian Freid, Kaden Zimorowicz, Nathan Schimelfenig, Brody Coyle

At WSIS,  the WINC interviewed Mrs. Mangan the boy’s basketball coach, to see what challenges they had during the season. As you may know, there were many challenges for basketball with COVID this year. A few of them were how the boys couldn’t condition, there were fewer practices than expected due to the Governor shutting down sports around the holidays. Another challenge was their schedule was often changed around. Coach Mangan states in the interview “there was a point where we played 5 games in 8 days. My guys rose to every challenge thrown at them and I am very proud of them.”

Another challenge they had was getting used to wearing a mask during practice and games. They followed the rules during all hours the team was together to protect anyone from getting sick. 

 “We had six eighth graders this year and they are all great athletes,” Coach Mangan said proudly. She highlighted each player, noting the strengths of each one: 

  • Gavin McGraw–“Gavin can score at will.” 
  • Matt Mcconologue–“Matt’s court vision at the point is spot on.” 
  • Joe Perri–“No one will stop Joe in the paint.” 
  • Kevin Werner–“Good luck if Kevin is guarding you.” 
  • Connor Sessions–“Forget about trying to outjump and rebound against Connor. He is our team’s leading shot blocker.”
  • Reese Tanner–“Reese is a beast that rises to the challenge every time. If we need a rebound or to score, Reese does it.”

She finished with, “I am sad to see this group go but am excited for the seventh graders coming back.”

Those were a few challenges the basketball team and Coach Mangan experienced. They found a way to move past them. During the interview, the coach also said “I love coaching! It is definitely as exciting for me as it is for the players. I love seeing the team come together. It is great when things we work on in practice surface in games. There is always a game where it just clicks with everyone. From that day forward, we are a different team. It is especially great when we win a big game!”

You heard it here! West Boys’ Basketball Is Best!