2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Troy Dennis Writer See Troy Dennis’s profile
See Troy Dennis’s profile
Lily Sophabmixay Writer See Lily Sophabmixay’s profile
See Lily Sophabmixay’s profile
Ava Wallace Writer See Ava Wallace’s profile
See Ava Wallace’s profile
Alexis Kacaba Designer See Alexis Kacaba’s profile
See Alexis Kacaba’s profile
Janice Castro Designer See Janice Castro’s profile
See Janice Castro’s profile
Atziri Perez Sanchez Advertising See Atziri Perez Sanchez’s profile
See Atziri Perez Sanchez’s profile
Sydney Williams Writer, Designer See Sydney Williams’s profile
See Sydney Williams’s profile
Elias Rios Writer, Designer See Elias Rios’s profile
See Elias Rios’s profile
Kaitlyn Fassett Writer, Designer, Advertising See Kaitlyn Fassett’s profile
See Kaitlyn Fassett’s profile
Devin Robinson Writer, Designer, Advertising See Devin Robinson’s profile
See Devin Robinson’s profile
Isabella Stanton Writer, Designer, Advertising See Isabella Stanton’s profile
See Isabella Stanton’s profile
Delyza Centeno Writer, Designer, Advertising See Delyza Centeno’s profile
See Delyza Centeno’s profile
Evangeline Contreras Writer, Designer, Advertising See Evangeline Contreras’s profile
See Evangeline Contreras’s profile
Noah Thomas Designer, Advertising See Noah Thomas’s profile
See Noah Thomas’s profile
Christian Alers Designer, Advertising See Christian Alers’s profile
See Christian Alers’s profile
Philip Zenker Writer, Advertising See Philip Zenker’s profile
See Philip Zenker’s profile
Ashley Quiles Writer, Advertising See Ashley Quiles’s profile
See Ashley Quiles’s profile
Zoey Wiktorek Writer, Advertising See Zoey Wiktorek’s profile
See Zoey Wiktorek’s profile
Shamell Fearon Staff See Shamell Fearon’s profile
See Shamell Fearon’s profile
Niamora Guy Staff See Niamora Guy’s profile
See Niamora Guy’s profile
Alexander Hughes Staff See Alexander Hughes’s profile
See Alexander Hughes’s profile
David S. Dinning Chief Designer See David S. Dinning’s profile
See David S. Dinning’s profile
DeQuin Boyce Staff See DeQuin Boyce’s profile
See DeQuin Boyce’s profile
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