Teacher Feature: Mrs. Borthwick


Anthony Gomez Garcia

The very popular Mrs. Borthwick!

Mrs. Borthwick is a very beloved teacher at WSIS. She has been teaching at West Intermediate for quite a while. Inspired by other teachers, she started her career or teaching at the age of twenty-two. However before that she became a full-time teacher, she started off as a daily sub. Now, she is a successful seventh-grade English teacher. Before choosing to take the position of an English teacher, she was also considering teaching reading or family consumer science. In her opinion, the hardest part of teaching is feeling as if you won’t have enough time with your class. And, in her words the best advice she has ever received is; do the best you can, try to have balance, and be yourself. Now, here are some fun facts about Mrs. Borthwick: her favorite food is pasta, her favorite television series is The Expanse, she loves the summer, Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, and her favorite animal is a dolphin. We hope you enjoyed reading about the one and only Mrs. Borthwick, and we hope all of her future students are looking forward to having her as a teacher, just as much as we were looking forward to interviewing her.