Girls’ Basketball: More Than a Team


Girls’ Basketball Team, pictured from left to right (top row): Mia Tallo, Sahmira Menifee, Kamiel Lynady, Lola Macciocco, Avah Holl, Kamryn Field, Alyssa Heffron Bottom row: Aubrey Kerrigan, Mackenzie May, Reese Green, Nina Emiliani, Samiah Parker, Angelina Wagner

The West Scranton Intermediate Girls basketball team is really impressive. Their coaches are Coach Cuillo, and coach E.J. Dougher, more famously known as E.J. the D.J.They teach the girls well. The coaches always tell them what to do. All coaches do that, but these coaches are top-level. Although there are seventh and eighth-grade teams, the team is known as a whole team. They are not known as two separate teams. Their coaches don’t have a favorite team member. That’s good because most coaches have a favorite member. This also shows that they are true coaches.

I’m a team member and I know for a fact they don’t favor. I know that every person gets playtime equally. I couldn’t play for a while because I sprained my ankle but the trainer there helped and taped it for me. She’s the best trainer I know and will help you through anything. The entire coaching staff is always here for us, and we sat down with Angelina Wagner, a seventh-grade player, to learn more about the dynamics of the team. 

Angelina definitely thinks the coach treats the team well.  At the time of the interview, we discussed the team’s record. Angelina reported the team won,  “Once against Northeast, twice against South, once against Riverside, both of the Old Forge games, and as a team, we won eight games total.”

When asked about the trainer, Angelina explained how she helps at games. “At the South game, she smacked her head on the court. When she hit her head, she immediately came over and started to ask her questions.” The trainer asked questions such as,“If she can see stars; if she has double vision; are your eyes able to focus on anything, and where does it hurt?” 

Angelina also gave us insight into how she feels about her team members.  We asked her, “Does the team treat you like a family member?” and she responded, “Yes, one hundred percent.” She actually feels like her team members treat each other better than family. She finished the interview by saying her team members treat each other, “Better because some of them know each other and (for others) this is the first time they have met, but they are very welcoming.”