Cartoon Review: Over the Garden Wall


Over the Garden Wall is streaming on Hulu and HBO Max.

Abigail VanWert, Writer

Hello! This is going to be a little series I’m doing reviewing cartoons. The first Cartoon I will be reviewing fits this cold, fall season, it’s called Over the Garden Wall. It was created by Patrick McHale. It has a total of 10 episodes and can be watched on Hulu and HBO Max. It was released in 2014, so it’s somewhat new. The genres that it’s listed as are dark fantasy, comedy-drama, mystery, and adventure. 

The Two main characters that the series follows are Wirt, voiced by Elijah Wood, and Gregory, Greg for short, who’s voiced by Collin Dean. The two boys find themselves lost in this mysterious place called the Unknown. In order to get back home, they have to travel across the seemingly haunted forest. They sometimes found help from an older-looking Woodsman, voiced by Christopher Lloyd, and also a small bluebird named Beatrice, voiced by Melanie Lynskey. Beatrice says that Adelaide can supposedly undo the curse on Beatrice and her family and show the two half-brothers, Wirt and Greg, the way home. 

Wirt, the older brother of Greg, tends to overthink a lot and likes to keep to himself. He likes writing poetry and he plays the clarinet, though he loves them, he keeps it private because he’s afraid of being made fun of. On the other hand, Greg tends to be the opposite. He’s a more carefree and naïve person. Greg carries around a frog, whose name varies within the show, but he loves the frog. 

The most mysterious character in the whole show is the Beast, who’s voiced by Samuel Ramey. He’s an ancient creature that leads lost souls astray until they lose their willpower and hope and turn into something called an Edelwood tree. This creature terrorizes the Woodsman by saying that the soul of his daughter is in the lantern that he carries around. He feeds the flame of the fire by turning the Edelwood trees into oil. Though, the Woodsman doesn’t know that Edelwood trees used to be people. 

So, my rating of this show would be a 10/10. The animation is beautiful, the characters are lovable, and the soundtrack is amazing. There’s a plot twist to the show, but I’m not going to spoil anything in case that anybody wants to watch the show, which I recommend doing! It’s a good show to binge-watch since it’s so short. It only takes a few hours to watch the whole series of episodes.