Meet Mrs. Wrubel: Sixth-grade Math Teacher Extraordinaire


Our very own Mrs. Wrubel with her family!

Our WINC writer, Antonio Fiorillo, sat down with our sixth-grade math teacher, Mrs. Wrubel. Read The WINC’s Q & A to learn all about Mrs. Wrubel! 

AF (Antonio Fiorillo): When did you start teaching?

Mrs. Wrubel:  I started teaching 18 years ago.

AF: What’s your favorite school subject?

Mrs. Wrubel:  My favorite school subject is MATH!

AF: Favorite season?

Mrs. Wrubel:  My favorite season is SUMMER!

AF: Favorite room in the building?

Mrs. Wrubel:  My favorite room in the building is MY CLASSROOM!

AF: Favorite food(s)?

Mrs. Wrubel:  I love PASTA, pizza, and ice cream!

AF: Opinions on pop quizzes, tests, essays?

Mrs. Wrubel:  I do not give pop quizzes because I like my students to know and be prepared for a quiz and not be stressed out about it.

AF: Do you think school is good and why?

Mrs. Wrubel:  School is great! School is the place where you learn and grow and make friendships! School is the place where your best memories will be!

AF: Favorite after-school activities?

Mrs. Wrubel:  My favorite after-school activities are to go for an outdoor run and to watch my children play in their sports-related activities.

AF: If you were the principal for the day what would you do?

Mrs. Wrubel:  If I was the principal for the day, I would serve ice cream for lunch! Yum!

AF: Do you prefer online school or in-person school?

Mrs. Wrubel:  I definitely prefer in-person instruction! I love to see my students in my classroom engaging in lessons and interacting with their peers.

AF: Thoughts on video games?

Mrs. Wrubel:  I think video games offer great benefits for kids as long as they are played in moderation and for fun.

AF: Thoughts on the school lunch?

Mrs. Wrubel:  My thoughts on the school lunch is that WSIS has the best cafeteria staff preparing the lunch each day! You can’t beat that!

AF: What’s your favorite middle school house?

Mrs. Wrubel:  PHI HOUSE!