Eighth Graders Complete High School Scheduling


Recently, all eighth graders have been asked to choose their schedule for high school. A lot of the students were excited to find out they could choose their own classes, instead of them being chosen by the administration. Although, if they didn’t choose by a certain date they would be chosen by the administration.

The guidance counselors, Mr. Martin and Mrs. Barnansky, were in charge of this scheduling and went around helping kids choose. They explained every class to the students and made sure everyone was educated about their choices. The students were not allowed to choose whether they were in honors classes, though. That is determined by your grades at the end of the year. The things they were allowed to choose were their electives and their health classes.

Electives are like your specials in middle school, but instead of having each class one time each week, you have them every day. There are also many different choices, including, art, different types of music classes, Spanish, Latin, French, Introduction to Business, Computer skills, FCS, and others. You have to choose two of them as your main choices and two as backup choices in case those classes are filled. For example, if some eighth graders plan to become doctors in their careers, they can take different health classes. It is not mandatory to, so they can take normal health classes if they prefer it.

Personally, I’m very happy we were able to choose our schedule for high school. I chose Art Major and Spanish. My backups were FCS and Computer Skills. I’m very excited no matter which one I end up getting into. If you are in eighth grade, then what did you choose? What electives do you think were the most popular?