Top 50 Candies

I think everyone around the nation, maybe even around the world, has some sort of favorite candy, or at least likes a bunch of different kinds! Recently, I decided to do some research and find the top 50 candies that people from all over the globe love! Maybe you will find something in common with the majority of the Earth, or maybe you will debate against them. Here are some of the top favorites.

Coming in at #50, the candy that just made the list is Bottle Caps. Personally, I love these! They can be a very hard candy at times, but overall they have a very good flavor, and I think that these are definitely underrated. Next up, the #49 top candy around the world is AirHeads. These definitely deserve to be at the bottom of the list. They are way too hard, and not super flavorful! #48 is Gobstoppers. I think that these are kind of useless, is there anyone out there who actually eats these? Coming in #47, we have 100 Grand. I don’t think I’ve ever had one of these, so they must not be too popular! #46 are the classic Blow Pops. I honestly don’t know why these are so low, I feel like everybody likes them. #45 is no surprise to me, and it’s the Milky Way. I personally like these a little, but I know a lot of people who don’t enjoy them. Now, #44 is a little more of a surprise for me. It’s Nerds, and although they are very small, I really enjoy them and think they should be more popular! Next, in the #43 place is the candy Smarties. I used to love these and they are so good! Next up, the candy in #42 place is Tootsie Pops. These are pretty well known around the world, so I definitely understand why they are in the top 50! #41 goes to Warheads! I used to like this candy a lot, but sometimes it is so sour just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Lastly, in the top 10 least favorite candies we have Tootsie Rolls coming in #40th place. I love these and I think they are a classic that many like!

Moving into the next ten least favorites in the world, we have candy corn in #39th place. I personally enjoy these a lot, but they are very controversial and I know a lot of people who don’t enjoy this candy! #38 is Rolos, which I can’t judge too much on, considering I’ve never had one. But I can see there is a lot of caramel inside, which I don’t think I would enjoy! This list continues with #37, SweeTARTS. I don’t eat these too often, but I will have them every chance I get! They are the perfect mix between sour and sweet, unlike #36. Krackel can definitely be a good choice, but something totally different from a SweeTART. Next up, we have a classic that everyone knows and loves, which is Dum Dum Pops, #35. So many different flavors to choose from, and so good! #34 brings us into a Heath bar, which is definitely a so-so treat. It can be good some days, but for others, I’m just not sure I would want to eat it! I love Jolly Ranchers, and that is the candy that’s in #33 place. These are so good, and the flavor lasts for so long! Mike and Ike’s are #32, not one of my favorites, but I have definitely had them a couple of times at the movie theater. #31 are Milk Duds, and although I love the flavor of these, they are a little too hard and chewy for me to fully enjoy. Coming in #30th place is Twizzlers, which are so delicious! I even like the black ones, which is definitely an unpopular choice!

We are getting closer and closer to the top 10. #29 is where the Whoppers stand. These definitely have a very good flavor, but sometimes the chocolate can be too hard on the outside. Junior Mints are one of my favorites, and (in my opinion) a very underrated candy. These mark #28th place, and you should definitely taste it! #27 is a Crunch bar. I don’t have these too often, and I don’t think they are the most phenomenal candy. I have actually never tasted (or heard of) the Charleston Chew, which is what marks #26th place. #25 is Fast Break, which I have had once or twice, so I would not be able to give a fair rating! Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme is the candy that is ranked #24. I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate, so I do not like these bars at all. In my opinion, Hershey should just stick to their regular candy bars! On the other hand, #23 is Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate. These are one of the best, and I love the richness of the candy. These are 100% better than milk chocolate, but I personally know a lot of people who don’t like dark chocolate. Next, I have #22, which is a Goodbar, and I’ve actually never tried that! On the other hand, I tried #21, which is a Butterfinger. Those are pretty good, but not my favorite! Last but not least, before the teens, we have #20, a York Peppermint Patty. These are extremely good, and I even made them myself once! 

Now for the final #19, we are starting with Starburst. Although these are hard, they are really good chewy and fruity candies! #18 leads us into M&M’s. These have been one of my favorites since I can remember, and they still are! They are so good and they are not too chocolatey. #17 is a classic Hershey bar. To be honest, I’m surprised that this is not higher! Skittles come in at #16 places, and personally, I think that these are extremely hard and not that tasty, but clearly some people like them!  #15 was a PayDay, which I’ve never tried! On the other hand, #14 is very good, which is a Reese’s Mini Cup. These are very good, except for the fact that they can sometimes have too much peanut butter flavor! #13, is another unfamiliar candy to me, called Mounds. Additionally, Reese’s Pieces are much better than the cups themselves in my opinion, which is why they are #12. #11 and #10 are both Chunky and a Baby Ruth, which is something that I don’t have often, so I can’t give my full opinion.

NOW FOR THE FINAL 9! Sour Patch Kids are ranked at #9, and these are the perfect amount of sour and sweet, which I crave 24/7. #8 is, of course, the classic Swedish Fish. These have always been so good. #7 brings us down to a Twix bar, which I find can have a little too much caramel sometimes. Additionally, #6 are the 3 Musketeers, and these are one of my all-time favorites! Almond Joy ranks #5, and since I love coconut, they are amazing! Kit Kats are another very good candy, and that is why they come as #4 in the top 50 candies. #3 holds the place for Peanut M&Ms, which I personally think are not as good as regular M&Ms. Snickers are a very popular pick around the world, which is how it was the runner-up of the top 50! And the #1 candy around the world is . . . a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! Apparently, people LOVE the regular-sized cup, but they don’t like the mini ones as much! I hope you enjoyed learning about the top 50 candies as much as I did! Which one is your favorite?