Cell Phones and Dress Code


Photo Credit: The Northern Light

Invaders of the school explained how they felt about the rules for the dress code and cell phone policies.  Many students expressed how they felt, as well as some of the teachers. Some students were against it greatly, and some thought the policies were reasonable.  Overall, everyone understands why we have these specific policies in our school. We interviewed many teachers, with their classes.  When talking about the dress code, many students felt and explained that it was uncomfortable and unreasonable. When asked if they liked it, from all grades and houses, they said that it was “bad.”  The students’ explanation of how they should be able to express their personalities through clothing. 

While interviewing Phi house, teachers in 8th grade like Mrs. Donelan, Mrs. Haydt, Mrs. Mangan, and Ms. Price explained how they felt. They all think that it’s a good idea to have these policies and how it’s necessary. In addition, they also think it is reasonable, like most teachers.

 Moreover, Lambda house teachers like Ms. Breslin, Mrs. Jones, and Ms. Micheals explained how they understand why the students don’t agree with these policies.  Although they understand, they do agree with the policy.  Ms. Breslin says how she understands why the kids don’t like the dress code but she says it’s easier for the kids to have an outfit ready; instead of going through the stress to pick one.  Meanwhile,  Mrs. Jones explained how she had to choose an outfit every day and thought it would be easier if there was an outfit already there.  In regards to the cell phone policy, they also said how they understand the cell phones for the kids, and how they could have them on them for emergencies.  Furthermore, Ms. Micheals explained how she also says it’s easier to decide, even though she understands how it’s a way for kids to show their personalities.

 Furthermore, speaking to the Theta teachers; we interviewed Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. Linck, Ms. Cawley, and Mrs. Nemitz. They all explained many good reasons why they agree with these policies.  Mrs. Kennedy explains how she thinks cell phones should be kept in lockers, if there are any emergencies, the school can call. When talking about the dress code she explains how it could be more strict. Mr. Link shows great examples of why he agrees with these policies. He explains how the dress code can be a sense of professionalism, how it’s a sense of community. When talking about cell phones he says it could be a lot about the invasion of privacy.  Ms. Cawley says how she thinks these policies are also good, when talking about the dress code she explains how it’s great so the kids don’t look like they just rolled out of bed. Finally, Mrs. Nemitz shows us how she felt, and how even though there are policies, the kids don’t follow them. Mr. Amico and Mrs. Pagnotti, the Tech Shop and Spanish teacher, both explained how they like the rules. Mrs. Pagnotti does say how they should have more colors and options for the dress code and how they can use their phones for emergencies.  Overall, all the teachers had great points on their opinions of the two policies. 

When talking to the students, all classes and grades, they all had the same answer. Out of everyone we interviewed, only about three students said it was fine… only three! They were more mad about the phones than the dress code, but they also have their reasoning. Most of them said that the dress code was very uncomfortable, terrible, and a joke. They all have the same reasons. They say that they want to wear hoodies and leggings, crocs; but in sport mode. This is how they should be able to express themselves through clothing. When talking about cell phones, they say they should at least have their phone on them, without the consequences of being taken. They could, maybe, use them at lunch. This will include having them for emergencies. 

After having everyone’s opinions, a lot of students don’t agree with these policies. Although, mostly the teachers had their agreements. Everyone had their reasoning on why they agreed or didn’t. A lot of great reasons! Do you agree with these policies?