Student Council, Virtually?

A Q & A with Mrs. Hanley


Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. Hanley and JD Hanley showcase the food collected at the drive-by food drive.

We were very curious about the Student Council this year, and we wanted some answers to our most significant questions. 

We interviewed the teacher that is in charge of helping out with the Student Council. That teacher is Mrs. Hanley, who has taught for between 21-22 years. We asked her why she decided to be in charge of Student Council. She replied, “I decided to be in charge of the Student Council because I thought it was a good opportunity to give students a chance to showcase their leadership skills and abilities. I think sometimes people think that clubs are formed due to popularity status, and Student Council is not about being a popular student. It’s about being an individual who sets a good example for the rest of the school and the students around them–by achieving high grades, being a positive role model in school as well as out of school.” 

We also asked her if a lot of students volunteered this year because of COVID-19? Her answer was “No. Not really. I do believe COVID-19 had something to do with it.” When asked how she plans on proceeding with Student Council through this pandemic, Mrs. Hanley said, “I would like to meet with my Student Council when we can; whenever we find out about different events or activities that come up in the school or in the community and even both. I have spoken to Mrs. Boyce about a few different ideas.”   

We asked her what kind of activities she plans to run with the students during Student Council? Her answer was, “If I could I would like to keep some of the activities the same, and we actually have started out with an activity that we do every year. We used to have a food drive for the “Feed a Friend” program, but we have shifted that to help out families in our own Scranton community.” Student Council may have changed because of the pandemic, but the pandemic may just change because of this adapting Student Council.

If you have any further questions about Student Council, contact Mrs. Hanley.