Art is Still Alive!

WSIS Art Club Redesigns Itself in Pandemic

Have you ever thought about joining the Art Club? The Art Club is a creative experience full of fun for everyone involved. Due to the recent pandemic, clubs, in general, have been harder to do virtually, but that doesn’t mean they have to stop! Let’s learn about the WSIS Art Club, run by Ms. Corby, and how you can participate!
Ms. Corby has been doing Art Club for three years now! That’s just great if you think about it. She’s been putting a lot of effort into the Art Club and a lot more because of the pandemic. The pandemic has made it a lot harder for her to run the club and teach. Since it is being run virtually, they have to do things much differently from how they have in the past. Last year, they would make objects, like household decorations made by the Art Club students, and raffle them off. One amazing thing they did was make stars for all the hard-working adults in the building and gave them out as Christmas gifts! They, unfortunately, could not do that this year due to the pandemic. They did start a special math wall for Mrs.Boyce, but due to the pandemic, they had to stop it.
I have so much new respect for the Art Club! They do amazing things and the pandemic is not slowing them down! They have been developing seasonal portfolios of their work; the first is called “Fall Scenes.” They are now working on “Christmas Images” for their newest one. They also are doing a door decorating contest that hopes to have students and their families working together! The winner of the contest will receive art supplies delivered by Ms. Corby. Isn’t that just wonderful? The club members were asked to decorate a door in their home with Christmas wrapping paper and items they find in their home.
Unfortunately, the pandemic has affected the number of students in the Art Club. From what Ms. Corby said, “There are a lot fewer kids compared to last year. They meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30, and sometimes 12 kids come but mostly there are 5.” The club president is Abygail Stevens, who is in eighth grade. The Art Club also has 3 Co-Vice Presidents and Coaches. Isn’t that just great? The students get crafty and use supplies they have at home! A majority of them already have supplies at home that make for amazing and creative projects!
Everyone has creativity in them and you have to let that shine! Art is just really amazing. It’s a way to express yourself, through music, drawing, painting, dancing, or whatever moves you! If you like art, Ms. Corby would encourage you to join the club. You could learn a thing or two, make new friends and overall have an amazing time! The Google code to join Art Club is wzqutgj. Feel free to join the Art Club and discover yet another reason why WEST IS BEST!