Student Spotlight

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During these tough times, I wanted to reach out to the students at West Scranton Intermediate to check in on people and see what they are doing.  I also wanted to get everyone involved in the school newspaper and the school community.  Let’s hear from a few students!

The first person I interviewed was Peyton Vidra who is in seventh grade.  She enjoys virtual school, but sometimes she can find it stressful.  Peyton has been keeping herself occupied during the winter by spending quality time with her family.  Additionally, she misses being in school with all of her friends but is glad her workspace isn’t as loud as WSIS was.  Peyton had told me, “I am looking forward to all of this crazy stuff to stop.”  Her New Year’s resolution is for the virus to calm down. 

Zoie Roche, also in seventh grade, is the second person to be interviewed for the paper.  She has told us that virtual school is a little harder than in-person school because you don’t get as much contact learning.  Additionally, one thing she misses about school at the WSIS building is being able to see all of her friends, which I totally agree with.  One thing she loves about school through the computer is not riding the bus.  Zoie really wants to better herself in the new year and eat healthier.  Sledding down her back hill is her favorite thing to do during the winter.

 Jessica Zelenski is the last seventh-grader who has chosen to be in the newspaper. Jessica said that virtual school is pretty good. It was hard at first, but once she had gotten the hang of it and set a routine and a schedule, it was a lot easier. She has explained that is looking forward to everything getting back to normal and the virus to calm down. She would also like to see her friends in person again. Her only New Year’s resolution is to spend some more time with her friends and family. Jessica Zelenski does not miss making up early and having to rush to school, which is something that I think is also a very good thing, and I haven’t really thought about that much. Although Jessica does not love the rush of school, she misses school with an in-person teacher. Lastly, when I asked Jessica what she was doing that was fun during the winter season, she said, “Being that we are in a pandemic, it has been hard. I did redo my room which was fun. I also spent a lot of time with my dog Buddy and my cat Sammy. It’s always fun going outside after it snows, sledding, and building a snowman.”

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about these students just like I did! Keep working hard and having fun at home, and always remember, WEST IS BEST! If you would like to be interviewed for a student spotlight feature, please send your information in this Google form, and our writers will contact you: