What is a FID?

Flexible Instruction Day


Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Recently, the Scranton School District had adopted FID (Flexible Instruction Days). Upon our return to school, in the event of poor weather conditions, students will no longer have snow days, but will learn virtually during a FID instead. According to the Department of Education, the Scranton School District may use no more than five FID days per year. 

Just like a snow day, students and families will be notified of a FID on the District’s social media outlets. Students will then complete assignments on Google Classroom, including whatever special or related arts class they have scheduled for that day. Students will have three days to complete assignments from a FID, or they will be marked absent. In addition, students who do not complete the assignment will receive a zero. 

Everyone will certainly have an opinion about whether a FID is a good idea, and some students from Mrs. McDonald’s English class have expressed their opinions. Check out the “Student Voices” section under OPINION to read about what they think! What do you think about FID? If you would like more information on FID, you can visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/ba86/09/18/20/125736-1faa29bf-b904-457b-94a8-8ab7d273cac0.pdf