Snow Days: Yay!

Snow days are by far one of the very best parts of being a kid, and now like so many other things in life at this time we are losing them. When is enough, enough? We are having a hard time being a kid or just knowing what it feels like to be a kid. I will be a kid for four more years not four more days. Let me be a kid!

]I feel like losing our snow days is just stealing. We have lost so many great things this year and snow days are just yet another thing that my parents had in their childhood that we will not have.

First of all, there are so many great things that come from snow days, and, according to an article in Real Simple that I am currently reading:

  1. Snowdays let you sleep in.
  2. Playing outside in the snow counts as major exercise.
  3. Spending the day curled up with a good book may also improve your mental health and happiness.
  4. Snow days force us to take a break.
  5. It’s an opportunity to eat a home-cooked meal together.
  6. Having fun is good for you. 

For example, snow days also give you a day to hang out with the people in your neighborhood that you may not see so often because you are into different things. It also gives you a day to do community service. I will be sledding with my neighbors and teachers have not seen.

One day we had not seen our neighbor in a couple of weeks. She hides during the winter and she came out to shovel. We were able to see her and let her know we were taking care of her snow. We were also able to connect with the teachers that live by us, the ones we really do not see because we are not in school. I will be seeing them every snow day.

As I have said it feels like we are losing EVERYTHING! And that just feels wrong. However, after reading Scranton School Districts Flexible Instruction Day (FID) Information, posted on their web page it does state that we have 3 days to turn in our FID assignments. So if you look at it that way nothing is really changing except the wording. So it is like we will have 3 days to turn in our assignments. So that just means I will be relaxing and doing my school work after I am all played out.