Snow Days: Yay!

Would you want to be inside doing school work instead of being outside when it snows? I wouldn’t either. In my opinion I think that FID (Flexible Instructional Days) days are not a good idea.  First of all, when it snows, students should get the day off because they have already been doing school work all week. Instead of giving a FID day, if they just gave a day off the students could relax and enjoy the snow. Also, since we had so many virtual days this year it would be nice to have a day off to not be stressed. Instead of having to sit in front of our screens doing work we could go outside and do physical activity. Finally, if we had a snow day the teachers could also get a day off to spend time with their family and also have some time to themselves. For example, on normal days teachers spend a lot of time in school grading assignments and posting meets. If we had a day off they could use that time to spend with their family. Those are the reasons I think we should not have FID days when it snows.