Snow Days: Nay!

Rocco Leonard , Contributing Writer

I feel that snow days are a nay! Why, you ask? We will have more vacation days and we’ll actually get out on time…that’s a first, am I right? If you think about it, who really even likes snow days, yeah, they’re fun, but they get old very fast. It’s also freezing out, and you can’t go anywhere. First of all, there is nowhere to go and nothing to do during a big snowstorm. But we will have something to do if we have a FID day, virtual school! The curriculum will not be disrupted by a snow day. The schoolwork will stop them from falling behind thanks to the teachers.  Another reason is you begin to lose your vacation days. Say the days we have off for Easter, if you want to go on vacation, you won’t have enough time because your days got cut short due to the snow days. Lastly, your summer will be shorter due to snow days off. What happens is the more snow days you have, the more days you lose off of holidays, and then they add on more days to the end of the school year. From all the examples I gave you, you can see why snow days are a nay to me. Think of a snow day like gum. Sure, Sure, it tastes good for a while, but it loses its flavor and becomes a sticky lump.