Snow Days: Nay!

Ediana Macancela, Contributing Writer

Do you ever wonder what school would be like without any snow days? It may seem bad at first but, in my opinion, the school district should include FID (Flexible Instructional Days) days instead of snow days. If we include FID days at school, we can have time for after-school activities, we work at our own pace, and it helps students catch up with their work. First, students have more time to complete school activities. For example, I used to dance and workout after school. After coming from school, I was really drained and didn’t have much energy. Other students have to take care of jobs around the house and other things. Being at school and doing those jobs can be very stressful. If they are at home for the day, they might be able to balance their work and school to make it less stressful. Next, students work at their own pace. Sometimes students need extra time to take in the work they have. This might be a good time for them to take more notes, practice, or other tools they use for school. Finally, it might help students catch up with their work. Since we do everything online for the day, this is the perfect time to catch up on work. They might have time left to spare since lunch, recess, passing periods, or other time at school they don’t have at home. For example, when I finish work, sometimes I take the time to complete work, catch up with a class, or study. In conclusion, I strongly believe we should have FID days at school.