Reopening Schools: What’s the Plan?

How were you affected by Covid-19? The Scranton School District was impacted dreadfully back in March of 2020 and still is to this day. The Scranton School District has been virtual since March, and returning to in-person schooling is one of the controversial topics not only in the city of Scranton but all over the country. Earlier this week, The WINC interviewed Mrs. Boyce, the principal of West Scranton Intermediate School, about the District’s reopening plan. 

To begin, the District is focused on bringing back the elementary students to start. Mrs. Boyce explained, “According to the health experts, they are within the age group that spreads COVID-19 the least; I also personally feel that these students are missing an incredible amount of in-person instruction that is necessary for them to be academically successful in their futures.”

We asked Mrs. Boyce how she felt about having the elementary students return to school. She replied, “I think students need to be back in the classroom. With the proper mitigation, students could safely attend school.” Although everyone is hopeful for a return to school, there is obviously some concern about those who will not follow the directions. As Mrs. Boyce stated, “Students who want to return will have to wear their masks and follow the social distancing.”

While it is good news that our elementary students may be returning to school soon, we wondered when it would be the middle school’s turn. Mrs. Boyce clarified by saying, “At this time the Scranton School District has decided upon a “phase in plan” that begins with elementary students. The Scranton School District is following the guidelines health officials have recommended.”

Most recently, the reopening plan is on hold as experts evaluate and contractors make repairs to ventilation systems along with other considerations. Students will be remaining virtual with older students moving to synchronous learning for the time being as we await more information.