Girls’ Softball Season


Top row (from left to right): Coach Jake Alley, eighth graders Ryleigh Campbell, Madison May, Ava Wallace, Mia Keenan, Evangelin Caraballo, Abygail Stevens and Coach Mario Emiliani. Bottom row (left to right): Seventh graders Reece Griffiths, Brianna Connor, Mia Tallo, Mia Summa, Nina Emiliani, Mackenzie May and Julia Farkaly. Not pictured: Gianna Fratzola, eighth grade and seventh graders Elisabeth Pellegrino and Lauren Tumavitch

Ava Wallace

The girl’s softball team for West Intermediate School is sadly coming to an end. They played a total of 6 games, winning a total of 2 games. The girls were lucky enough to have an entire season, though short. Six girls will be graduating to high school this year.

Maddie May, an eighth-grader graduating this year says, “I am glad we were able to get the season in because last year got canceled.” Covid struck early in their season last year, leaving them with roughly two weeks of practicing before getting shut down. Another eighth-grader Mia Keenan says, “This season was definitely rough but we all came together and made it amazing.”