WSIS Drama Presents Annie, Jr.


This year the WSIS Drama Club is performing the musical Annie, Jr.  The cast of Annie, Jr. started practicing in early January for the show in late May.  Annie Jr. is a shortened version of the classic “Annie.”  

The original musical is about an orphan named Annie who finally finds her family even if it’s not the one she originally thought she would have.  The cast is working really hard to make this performance absolutely incredible.  Last year the play was a recorded video that you could watch on YouTube but this year, unless anything drastic happens, I am happy to say that it will be in person. The show will take place on May 20 and 21 in the Little Theater at the school. 

I myself am involved in the musical and all the practices that I have been to have been wonderful. The cast is really incredible and I believe that we have all improved since the beginning and will continue to improve.

I have very happily gotten a statement from Ms. Corby, the Drama Club teacher,  on the musical, “Production of Annie, Jr. is well underway.  As expected, there have been many obstacles with students missing practice due to illness.  Putting a show on during a pandemic is no easy task. However, we have seemed to turn a corner as far as Covid goes and attendance has improved.  The students are working very hard on learning their lines.  Musically, I think the cast sounds amazing.  We have some very talented young people who are eager to showcase their talents to the school community.  I think the show will be a huge success.  Having done several school plays in the past, I know everything will turn out wonderful and everyone will be very proud of themselves.  All the hard work will pay off in the end!”

I certainly hope so! I also would like to wish the entire cast and crew good luck! I know that it is going to be incredible and everyone is going to have amazing performances.


Annie – Ava Nitch

Oliver Warbucks – Lucas Collins

Ms. Hannigan – Abigail VanWert

Grace Farrell – Brooke MacGregor

Molly – Carleni Solano

Kate – Emily Lopez

Tessie – Emily Marhefta

Pepper – Cara Schultz

July – Shakaya Stevens

Gia – Gia Grasso

Duffy – Zoey Wiktorek

Bundles McCloskey – Romario Aquino Estevez

Apple Seller – Felicia O’Neil

Dogcatcher – Amya Tarrant

Chauffeur – Zoey Wiktorek

Usherette – Marina Baca

Rooster – Thomas Smith

Lily – Felicia O’Neill

Bert Healey – Alex Hughes

President Roosevelt – Marina Baca

Louis Howe – Romario Aquino Estevez

Star-To-Be – Amya Tarrant

Officer Ward – Jacklyn Garcia

Drake – Alex Hughes

Cecile – Carleni Solano

Annette – Cara Schultz

Mrs. Greer – Emily Marhefka

Mrs. Pugh – Emily Lopez