WINC’s Guide: 10 Ideas for Being Less Bored!


Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

Antonio Fiorillo, Writer

Do you sometimes find yourself moping around the house with nothing to do? Do you ever say out loud, “I’m soooo bored”? WINC writer Antonio Fiorillo has come up with a top-ten list of ideas to brush off boredom and help you find activities to occupy your time!

Idea 1: Get in a comfy area! Try a bed, couch, chair, bench, etc. Sitting and laying down helps when you’re bored.

Idea 2: Have something to eat! Soup, tea, pasta, chips, candy, cocoa, coffee, fruit, etc. Food helps make you feel less bored instantly!

Idea 3: Play games! Video games, board games, card games, mind games, anything works! Games are a very obvious solution to any boredom.

Idea 4: Sleeping! Watch your mind slowly fade into a dream and soon hours become seconds. Dreaming of what you wish you can do is a very good idea to escape boredom.

Idea 5: Call/invite a friend! There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with people you trust and enjoy very much.

Idea 6: Go outside! Breathe in some fresh air and get stuff off your mind. It really does help when you’re bored and have absolutely nothing to do.

Idea 7: Make up jokes! If you want to make somebody happy and you want to be happy, make a very funny joke. DON’T be lazy with this or else this will fail easily!

Idea 8: Doing art! Let out some creative energy! If you have a bad case of artist’s block, then look up some inspiration. This will make you less bored in no time!

Idea 9: Talk about some things that you need to let out! It feels good to let out your emotions when you’re very bored.

Idea 10: Forget this day existed! Just forget your boring day existed!