How to Avoid a Fight


Fighting is something that seems to be a common occurrence in schools lately. However, fighting often takes place for silly reasons. Some fights that happen are over things like boys, relationships, drama, and other minor annoyances. Here are some tips that may help avoid fights and keep the peace among your friends. 

10 things that will prevent fights from happening:

  • Start to talk things out instead of taking your anger out on people.
  • Take care of realationsips before there is trouble.
  • See the principal if there is someone out to get you or if you had heard something.
  • Slow down. Think before you act.
  • Change from a defensive to a receptive state.
  • Feel the feeling, but do the right things.
  • Drop your half of the dynamic.
  • Don’t let feelings fester.
  • Reject the filter of your critical inner voice.
  • Be vulnerable and express what you want.

In addition, there are several ways school administration and faculty can help to keep students and staff safe. Fortunately, WSIS has all these suggestions in place! 

5 ways you can be safe at school:

  • Regularly update school safety plans.
  • Make staff, students and parents aware of all safety policies.
  • Provide teacher safety training.
  • Create a complete emergency sign or alert if there is an unsafe situation.
  • Tell a teacher or counselor (If you see something, say something).

Whenever you’re in an emergency use any of the above to get out of a fight, avoid trouble and stay safe!