Get Watching Gravity Falls


Hello! Welcome to my last cartoon review. Today, I’m reviewing one of my favorite cartoons, Gravity Falls. I thought it would be nice to do this for the last issue since it’s the 10-year anniversary of Gravity Falls. It’s available to watch on Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, and Youtube. There are two seasons and 40 episodes. 

Gravity Falls takes place in a fictional city in Oregon called Gravity Falls. It was based on the Oregon Vortex and also a city named Boring, Oregon. Most of the series is held in the Mystery Shack, which is the business that the main characters’ great uncle, Grunkle Stan, owns and runs. 

The two main characters, Dipper and Mable, are 12-year-old twins with wild imaginations. Stanley “Stan” Pines (also known as “Grunkle Stan”) is the grumpy, money-hungry, and loving great uncle of the twins. Soos Ramirez is the handyman of the Mystery Shack and views Stan as a father figure. Wendy Corduroy is a part-time employee of the Mystery Shack, and also Dipper’s crush. Stanford Pines, Stan’s identical twin, is the author of the journals that I will talk about later. Bill Cipher, the main antagonist of the series, is an interdimensional demon that can be summoned and released into people’s minds. Bill is a one-eyed yellow triangle, similar to the Eye of Providence, that wears a top hat and a bow tie.

The journals, three in total, are filled with the strange and paranormal things that Gravity Falls is filled with. They were written by Stanford Pines and were owned by multiple different people, spread through the city. Journal 1 was owned by Stan, Journal 2 was formerly owned by Gideon Gleeful and later owned by Stan Pine, and Journal 3 is owned by Dipper Pines.

Season 1 starts off with the twins going to Gravity Falls to spend the summer with their Grunkle Stan. They soon realize that the town holds many secrets, when Dipper finds a book that he finds in a tree that was strangely metal, he and Mabel find their everyday life changes. Alongside them in their adventures are Soos and Wendy. In the episodes of the season, we see the true plot taking shape, and where Bill Cipher comes into play. We also see the truth behind the Mystery Shack.

In season 2, it continues right where the first season left off. The first 12 episodes focus mainly on The twins, Soos and Wendy, working on finding the author of the journals, while Stan continues to work on operating the mysterious portal beneath the Mystery Shack. The last 8 episodes mainly focus on the gang trying to stop Bill Cipher, who wants to take over the world with weirdness.

I personally love this show and think it’s a great and funny watch. It’s a 10/10 in my book. The humor is good, as well as the characters and plot. I highly recommend Gravity Falls to anyone of any age!! Have a good summer!!