What would you do if you were left on a island?


Photo Credit: 30Seconds

What would you do if you were left, alone on a deserted island? Well before you answer, let’s see if other people think the way you do.  One answer from your fellow classmate was, “I would find civilization.” Others stated that clean water and shelter would be essential. One student asked if this island is a private island. Unfortunately not, you’re alone on this Island with no way to contact people or any things you use on a daily basis. So sorry, no phones either! Although, it would be nice if it were a private island with a butler. Another student had a question if  “there were Military test weapons and bombs.“ That is a very scary thought, but a good question. The answer to this is also No; this is somewhat of an unfounded island. People fly over it yet but never land on it.  However, that same person gave the answer that they would start their own country. Some people stated they would love to live there alone. 


If I was left on an island, I’m not sure if I would like to be completely alone, especially without any of my electronics. The first thing I would do is create an SOS.  Hunting is not my strong suit, and I don’t eat fish.  Then I would find the closest river to have a clean water source, an average person can only last 3 days without water.  I would make a weapon just in case I was not saved in time for dinner and shelter just in case it rains. lastly, I would find an animal companion to keep me sane on this journey and bring him back whenever I am saved.


Let’s hear what you would do if you were stranded on an island.  Can you surprise me with your answer???